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OOC Contact Post/HMD [07 Jun 2016|05:33pm]
Wanna leave some critique? Go absolutely nuts! This is my first time playing this guy, so I'm sure there's lots of room for me to improve.

Just wanna get into contact with me, but don't have Plurk or an IJ? Here is also the place for that!

Anon on, IP logging off, and screening enabled!

Stats Meme [07 Jun 2016|05:24pm]
Stats Meme )

Application [06 Jun 2016|02:49am]
Your name: ElleBrat
Personal Tumblr (if any!): ElleBrat
Contact info:
Plurk: ElleBrat (are you seeing the theme in my screennames yet)

Character's name: Ian Yorkland
Character's age: 23
Series the character is from: Juuden Sentai Kyouryuuger/Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger/Dinosaur Party Show/How to Slay Your Enemies with Samba
Point in canon they're being taken from: Post-series

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Kiseki Threads [05 Aug 2015|12:24pm]
7th June 2014: Arrived in Kiseki just in time for King's Dinosaur Samba Party.

24th June 2014: After the underwater event, is promptly broken by child! Daigo and Ucchii.

30th June 2014: Candy Event
>screw candy Ian has daisies

It's not Ian's fault Porthos can't aim.
>But damn that's a gorgeous gun.
>lol Aramis

3rd July 2014: T-Torin.

7th July 2014: Nossan!

8th July 2014: Finally, First post.

16th July 2014: Daigo is an idiot, and Ian's method of helping him with nightmares is to take him outside and beat him up.

25th July 2014: The Nogitsune Event.
>Finds out the oni's weakness from Aramis
>Argues with King about the Nogitsune
>Goes on an excursion with Ucchii to get some silver.
>Kicks some ass with Nossan
>Gets answers from Stiles about the Nogitsune
>Then reports back to King, and proceeds to wipe out some oni while the Nogitsune is taken care of

25th August 2014: !!!!!!!!!! BOY!!!!!!
>Souji is behind him in terms of events. That makes three from before the end, and three after; if Amy ever arrives, she'll be the tie-breaker.
>Ian tries to play innocent on anything having happened. Souji doesn't buy it.
>Starts to get the hint that the Sakura Park will give him whatever flora and foliage he wants hard enough.
>Someone FINALLY makes Ian talk.
>God Ian missed having his bff around. ;o;
>Spills the beans to Souji about EVERYTHING.

>>Continues over here.
>Gives Souji a brief tour of Kiseki. Meaning he showed him to the Sakura Park, the cafe, and the Spirit Base - all the important places.
>Enlists Souji's help to suss out the school.
>Has the first 'relationship' teasing-talk with Souji. ("Go meet some cute girls." "I'm not interested in girls." "Meet some cute boys, then." "I'm not interested in dating anyone!")
>Souji owes him a drink at the cafe.
>Informs Souji of the restrictions on their abilities.
>Souji meets Parasagun, and thanks to immense sucking up to him, quickly becomes one of Parasagun's favourites.

27th August 2014: Training Day with Souji because I was on hiatus don't look at me
>welp that sure would have been some nice training to get in IF YOU DIDN'T GO PUSHING YOURSELF SO HARD gdi Souji
>Spends some time admonishing Souji for training too damn hard.
>Extends the offer to Souji to come and talk to him next time, instead of throwing himself into training to take his mind off a problem.

>>Continues over here.
>Slips Souji a hydrangea in thanks for getting him to talk a few days ago.
>Talks to him about what the problem weighing on him is.
>Learns a lot about Souji's parents and the way he grew up.
>Goes through his fear of turning out like his parents with him.

>>>And then continues over here
>Spills the beans on Ucchii and King.
>Well, crap, looks like Souji has a problem with that.
>Pushes Souji into telling him, but agrees to hold off until they get back to the base.
>By the time they get there, has decided that maybe some training will help to loosen Souji up - but only after wrapping his wrists first.
>awwwww hell yeah Souji talk more strategy to him mmmm yeah he likes it like that

28th August 2014: History's Bravest Spa!
Not what Ian was expecting when he woke up.
>Lesson learned: don't ever ask Daigo for a large mug. Gabutyra can't even drink, why would he need a mug?!

Conned into buying a Parasagun shirt by Lilo.
>Further conned into buying keychains of the first six zyudenryuu.
>And a set of keychains of anatomically correct dinosaur bones, that can be built together to make a dinosaur.
>At least he got a free Bragigas shirt?
>and hell he picked up a Zakutor shirt too because why not.

2nd September 2014: Goes ahead and gets himself caught by vines that react based upon guilt and remorse.
>In which Ucchii hurts more than he helps.
>You tried, King.
>Torin was a little more help than Ucchii.
>Just go ahead and rip the whole damn tree out, Nossan.

>And apparently after Nossan saved him, Ian went back for more because Souji then had to save his dumb ass.

>>Continued over here.
>That sure is a nice confession there, Souji.
>Sorry Ian's still a little too hung up on the last death of his bff so uh you're gonna have to wait a while.

3rd September 2014: Researching in bed and cuddling together to share books totally isn't a date.

15th September 2014: Despite his injuries, Ian is up and about and trying to woo Elsa.

18th September 2014: And still despite injuries, he goes to help Yuuki at the bakery.

19th September 2014: Time to replace his leather jacket, and hey good to see you here Bucky.

1st October 2014: Ucchii is learning to knit?????
>uh whoops impromptu sex ed session
>Ian apparently carries Tuxedo Black condoms, because not colour-coding your condom choices is for people who aren't in a sentai
>you're welcome, Ucchii

3rd October 2014: Well this time is it actually a date.

14th October 2014: King is attacked during the loss event.
>Welp King sure isn't King right now.
>Is threatened with King's Gaburevolver.
>King threatens to kick Ian off the team for not agreeing with his revenge plot.
>someone please stop these boys from beating each-other up

Discusses with Ucchii and Nossan how best to take care of King.
>Suggesting a gag was a joke, but, well...

Everyone whines to papa Torin.

Tries to comfort Ucchii in some way.

> Conned into performing a Kyoryu Change by the enemy.
>Hi Souji fancy seeing you here
>that Rippukan sixth sense for when someone is getting into trouble

> Uhhhhh Yuuki that's... not... really... normal...

16th October 2014: King you can not take on a damn dragon

22nd October 2014: what's up fellow defender of Earth, Mamoru or w/e

It's Shiro's birthday, and Ian's just a little depressed.
>Thanks King.
>That... sure is a hellishly difficult conversation to have with Souji.

4th November 2014: Candy Event!
>Caramel candy does not make a whole lot of difference to Ian at all.

excuse you both what do you think you're doing [25 Jan 2015|09:25pm]
[In response to this.]

and everyone thinks IAN is open about his sex life )

who wants candy [04 Nov 2014|02:35pm]
[Continued from here.]

[It's strange. Ian's not entirely sure where his sudden burst of self-confidence came from, and somehow he's not worried at all about reaching out a hand to brush along Souji's jaw, fingers stopping underneath his chin and gently pressing against it to encourage Souji to look at him.]

well happy birthday shiro, or something like that [22 Oct 2014|02:36pm]
[Continued from here.]

Leave it for now.

[Ian't not even sure what he's doing, not really. He just--needs to get outside, where the air is less stifling and where he can spend a few moments thinking of something else.]

...Neither of us are much good when it comes to unarmed combat. We should work on that a bit before we get into anything else.

[Training with a method that's physically exhausting and yet doesn't require an incredible amount of thought sounds exactly like what Ian needs right now, and it is true that it's something they can both improve on.]

they have to do SOMETHING while they heal [03 Sep 2014|06:13pm]
[The day after the whole fiasco with the vines finds Ian restless. While his body is exhausted and pained, he's never been good at going long periods without doing something. The night had passed thankfully uneventfully, his body so drained from exhaustion that the only dreams he had were vague impressions on his mind.

Waking up next to someone had been surprising, and Ian's breath had initially stilled upon the realization that it was Souji in the bed next to him. A quick glance around had verified that he was in Souji's bedroom, and it was only a moment later that the events of the previous day had filtered back to him. Being in that much pain had certainly caused come cognitive complications, and... well. He--hadn't ever expected to find himself in this situation, really.

Not that he was complaining. None of the things he had said the previous day were anything other than the truth, and the warmth of Souji's body beside his was undeniably a pleasant comfort. It was just... a bit awkward, considering Ian couldn't exactly slide out of the bed to engage in any of his fail-safe, embarrassment-curbing morning-after activities. Like breakfast, for example; Ian unfortunately wasn't in any state to even think about getting up to prepare a simple morning-after meal for Souji, let alone anything else.]

apparently this is becoming a Thing for them [02 Sep 2014|04:58pm]
[Continued from here.]

[There's a moment of hesitation before Ian lets go. Not that he doesn't trust Souji's word - the exact opposite, actually - but... well, he'd liked being so close.

Oh well. There would be other opportunities to worm his way into Souji's space.

Ian stands first, brushing off his legs before taking a step around to offer a hand of assistance to Souji.]

i just wanted to write porn dammit [24 Nov 2013|02:02am]
porn porn porn porn porn )

Kuroda/Midori what am i even doing [30 Jul 2013|01:15pm]
help i've fallen into an otp and can't get up


we'll be as shippy and fluffy as we like and you can't stop us [21 Sep 2000|11:06pm]
[It's early when Ian stirs, the soft glow of dawn just barely brushing against their bedroom window. His arm instantly draws closer against Souji's chest, and with a quiet exhale of breath he snuggles himself closer against his back. A quick glance at the clock with bleary eyes assures him that it'll still be some time before the racket of the kids' alarms disturbs the morning peace, and it's with a sleepy smile that he presses the first of today's many kisses against Souji's bare shoulder. No matter how often he gets to do it, Ian will never tire of waking up next to his partner of over a decade. The perfect feel of Souji in his arms, the slow rise and fall of his chest against him, the bare flutter of his lashes whenever Ian was able to slowly stir him awake - so long as Ian was able to start his day with any one of those things, it was guaranteed to be a good day. The arrangement of flowers centred for display on their dresser is as accurate as ever, and with every kiss he places on Souji's shoulder trailing down to his neck, Ian recounts and appreciates each thing the flowers represent. Green roses for harmony (he'd never thought such a peaceful life would be possible); a single lotus for the purity of their hearts; molucella (good fortune in a happy home); green carnations ('with you, I'm not afraid'); gladioli (the 'sword flower', strength and piercing love that strikes the heart deeply), all surrounded by cheerful pale chrysanthemums - perfection. Such an arrangement wouldn't be shared with just anyone, and the predominant colour in the bouquet left no doubt as to whom the message was centred around. It had been years since Ian had felt comfortable enough to begin demonstrating his affection through carefully arranged bouquets, and since then no dwelling of theirs had been left undecorated. The meaning of the bouquets varied, but the predominant theme - love, happiness, constance - and the primary flower (gladiolus, which had long since represented Souji) never changed.

Ian's lips are gentle against Souji's skin as he brushes them up his neck, coming to a stop just against his ear. It's no good to be awake by himself. As much as he appreciates being able to enjoy the view, moments together are best spent with both of them able to participate - and so Ian presses his lips against the lower part of Souji's earlobe, whispering a quiet good morning to him with a voice still thick with sleep. If they're lucky, they might be able to get in some good 'them' time before one of their zyudenryuu catches a hint of their voices, and comes to their room to check in on them - or before one of their kids decides to wake up an hour early for the sole purpose of being able to interrupt any quiet moment they could have had together.]

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